Principal Investigator

  • Assistant Professor in Material Science and Engineering
    Research Interests: solution-processable organic/hybrid soft materials for electronic devices, printed organic/hybrid electronics, smart materials

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Research Interests: Printing processes, thermoelectric, biosensors, bioelectronics, organic semiconductors
  • Research Interests: Organic material processing and morphological control, Solar cell device physics, Thin-film photovoltaic upscaling, Degradation mechanisms in organic devices
  • Research Interests: Thermoelectrics, Field-effect transistors (FETs), Colloidal quantum dots (opto)electronics, Hybrid organic/inorganic (opto)electronics
  • Research Interests: Photovoltaics, organic semiconductors, Tandem Solar cells, Solar Cells
  • Research Interests: Organic and hybrid optoelectronics, device photophysics, degradation , thin film photovoltaics
  • Research Interests: Flexible Organics, Solar Cells, Material Science, Organic Electronics

PhD Students

  • Research Interests: Energy, Photovoltaics, Sustainable development, Manufacture, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, printed organic/hybrid electronics
  • Research Interests: Solar Energy, Photovoltaics, Organic and hybrid optoelectronics, thermoelectric, Thermoelectrics, Solar cell device physics, Sensors, Degradation studies of solar cells
  • Research Interests:  Improving the efficiency of Organic Solar cells, Tandem Solar cells, Degradation studies of solar cells, Energy
  • Research Interests: Non-fullerene Acceptors, Semitransparent Solar cells, Photovoltaics, Improving the efficiency of Organic Solar cells

Masters Students

  • Research Interests: Nanotechnology, Organic/inorganic nanocomposites, Renewable energy, Sustainable technologies, 3D/4D printing
  • Research Interests: printed organic/hybrid electronics

Research Group Staff

  • ​Lab Manager